Biore Acrylic aeromassage bathtub with chromotherapy

The system provides a general body massage through compressed air nanojets. The jets have a flat design (without protruding parts), which eliminates any discomfort both when taking a bath and during a massage. This system delivers a smaller amount of air compared to the aeromassage, it has a completely noiseless vibro compressor and provides a very gentle massage effect.

Chromotherapy (a system of underwater illumination with changing colours) produces a very beautiful effect of glowing water and creates a feeling of comfort and romance. RGB LED lights are very bright, energy-saving and provide more than 700 colour shades of the water.

The system is equipped with the illumination ON/OFF button with a pause function. When you turn on the system, the colour of the water begins to change smoothly over the whole range of colours of the rainbow. The pause function allows you to choose the desired illumination colour. Chromotherapy may be indicated for fatigue, anxious and stressed states.

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1700 x 700 x 440 mm

Complete set: acrylic bathtub 35010070; metal frame with mounting kit 35500021; head cushion AH17; aeromassage and electrically controlled chromotherapy system with stop function 19P3NA: electronic control panel, microprocessor, timer, 20 nanojets, noiseless Koller compressor 40 W, automatic drying system, dry-running protection sensor.

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