Natural resources are really vital and crucial for survival of mankind. Being aware of significance of natural wealth and in pursuance of ecological integrity on the planet, we arrange all industrial processes providing top level environmental security and develop entirely green products called LAVINIA BOHO.


Design, quality, technologies and environmental compatibility are considered the main factors during LAVINIA BOHO production. We set the highest standards in order you could really enjoy every time you use our products.

All affiliates are under the authority of corporate headquarters based in Frankfurt (Germany). The regular staff of designers and engineers is concentrated here. They work on creation of new and unique products. Representative offices and plant capacities are located in Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Belarus and China.

LAVINIA BOHO products are being successfully sold in Europe, America and Asia. However, they are especially desirable, recognized and popular in Central and Western Europe, USA and Canada, where innovations in manufacture are singled out for prestigious international awards.

Customer comfort, creation of comfortable atmosphere in a house and environmental friendliness are the conceptual principles realized at each working stage and to be committed by LAVINIA BOHO in future.


Thomas Werner


Fabio Zanetti


Catherine Hofmann


Michael Keisset


Our designers seek inspiration in nature, art, traveling and embody their innovative ideas in bathroom collections where perfection of shape and functionality has always been and remains as the standard of LAVINIA BOHO design. It is significant for us to come up with brand new ideas and keep up with the times, still preserving our best traditions and identity.


Since the first day of foundation LAVINIA BOHO industrial group has laid special emphasis on innovative solutions and has regularly invested in unique technologies to develop our products exceeding all Customers’ expectations. Due to invaluable vast experience of product development, we implement trend-perfect and unique technologies in products for bathroom toilet.