RelFix stone slim flush plate

The design flush button is manufactured of high quality quartz alloy and imitates natural stone perfectly.  The panel is cut from a one-piece three meter quartz slab using waterjet cutting method at high speed and high pressure.  The color and texture of the button are always unique and differ from the image only slightly, which is a unique solution for each Customer. 

Quartz buttons are durable, resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion and scratches; not vulnerable to moisture and temperature changes; do not fade in case of frequent cleaning.  The Ultra-thin mounting and unique performance characteristics of the button provides high aesthetics and also helps to keep the toilet clean. 

The actuator plate butts out just a little bit beyond the surface of the ceramic tile and is considered to be one of the thinnest solutions in the market. The reliable flush activation system is designed for 400,000 cycles (or 30 years of continuous operation).

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245 x 175 x 4 mm

Standard supply package includes: flush button; fixing set.

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