RelFix installation system for wall-hung toilet

LAVINIA BOHO RELFIX installation system includes everything that is necessary for easy and reliable mounting of wall-hung toilets (flush button is available separately), withstands load of 400 kg and ensures smooth operation of plumbing equipment. 

Extended kit of fixtures will greatly simplify mounting procedure in any room. The toilet tank of the installation system is insulated from condensation moisture, what means it is protected from mold formation. The soundproofing plate mounted between the rear part of the wall-hung toilet and ceramic tile significantly reduces the noise level when the tank is filled with water.

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425 x 1120 x 155 mm

Standard supply package includes: powder coated self-bearing steel frame; concealed toilet tank insulated from condensation moisture, front-operated, with fill and drain valves and access panel; template for finishing a hole for the flush button; PE toilet elbow DN90 with PE adapter coupling DN90/110 and 4/22/40 mm adjustment; installation system fixing kit; toilet mounting kit; set of branch pipes with rubber seals for the toilet connection; soundproofing plate; extendable supports with legs; extended wall-mount kit (depth adjustment range from the leading edge of the element is 155 – 450 mm). 

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