RelFix Biore Compacto Rimless Set 7 in 1 for wall-hung toilet

This wall-hung toilet with both simple and unique shape is distinguished by material aesthetics combined with application of advanced technologies.

Minimalistic design in the spirit of the basic concept of the given collection provides extra functionality and supreme comfort while using the toilet.

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Standard supply package includes: Relfix 38010010 installation system; extended wallmount kit (included in Item No. 38010010); soundproofing plate (included in Item No. 38010010); Relfix 3805001C flush button; Biore Compacto Rimless 330402CR wall-hung toilet; quick-detachable duroplastic seat with soft-close cover and chromed metal hinges (included in Item No. 330402CR); disinfectant dispenser 38040010.

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