One compacto set 2 in 1

Lavinia Boho One Compacto wall-hung toilet is popular with Customers due to its stylish design, top quality and unmatched functionality. This compact model  fits admirably into small sanitary rooms where every square centimeter of available space is highly valued.

Strong flush system provides for absolute cleanliness of the bowl inner walls preventing formation of bacteria and dirt. The secret of Compacto top quality lies in application of environmentally-green materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Dense texture of the sanitary porcelain ensures structural reliability, chemical resistance and mechanical stability. Ceramic surface evenness and smooth shape are ensured by three-layer glazing.

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Standard supply package includes: soundproofing plate 38050010; One Compacto 3302003C wall-hung toilet; quick-detachable duroplastic seat with soft-close cover and chromed metal hinges (included in Item No. 3302003C).

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