Bristol Acrylic hydromassage bathtub

The hydromassage system provides a general body massage using water jets under pressure. Creating the "bubble water" effect, this type of massage has a positive impact on the back, thighs, buttocks and feet.

The water is supplied to the body areas through flat jets (without protruding parts), which eliminates any discomfort both when taking a bath and during a massage. The location and number of jets are selected considering the peculiarities of human anatomy, so as to make the massage the most effective and heathful.

The side jets have a built-in water pressure adjustment knob: when turning the knob off, the water pressure decreases, and when turning the knob on, the water pressure increases. The jets provide water and air supply to the body during a massage (air is supplied due to the effect of injection). The capacity of power units is adjusted so that the pressure applied to the points of the body cannot harm your health.

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1700 x 750 x 450 mm

Complete set: acrylic bathtub 35020070; metal frame with mounting kit 35500021; head cushion AH17; hydromassage system 19H2NA: pneumatic control with aeration regulator, 6 medium jets around the sides, 4 mini jets for the point back massage, 2 mini jets for the point foot massage, HydroAir pump 800 W, dry-running protection sensor.

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