Bathroom Sink basin

The Lavinia Boho Bathroom Sink 33311002 for installation on tabletop is an exquisite accent on the bowl design with highlighted beauty and softness of oval shape.

The surface-mounted washbasin is a stylish alternative for wall-hung washbasins; it is installed on a special panel or cabinet and fixed on its base. The washbasin is perfectly combined with a wide range of materials from wood to marble, as well as with concealed wall faucet or about 300 mm height standard faucet. 

The sink surface is perfectly flat and smooth.  Due to its glimmering luster, it makes a particularly noble impression and accentuates the high quality of bathroom furnishing, creates warm and fuzzy atmosphere. 

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540 x 360 x 145 mm

Standard supply package includes: basin; installation and operating instructions; warranty card.

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